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Thimage Press Release - finally, a weight loss system that WORKS!

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  • Eight weekly audio programs to give you insight and inspiration.
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  • Affirmation CD
  • Pendulum
  • Workbook
  • Daily Journal

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 Please try this sample of Thimage! Once you hear a sample of the hypnosis CD and read from the companion workbook, I'm sure you'll want to order!
 Here is an excerpt from one of my favorite parts:

"Big Fat Excuses"

This is my favorite exercise of the entire Thimage program. It had a profound effect on me and was the key for me to finally let go of my excess pounds. When I gain a few pounds now, I review this exercise to see what thoughts are popping up for me.

You cannot prevail against the subconscious mind by willpower alone. If you try to do so, you simply push the feelings and ideas down more deeply. You must face these feelings and understand them, then recognize the effect that they have on you.

Once you begin recognizing these subconscious thoughts, your weight will drop much more easily. You do not have to spend years in therapy to accomplish this. The trick is simply to begin acknowledging that these thoughts live inside of you. Recognizing them as they surface will keep you in control of your eating choices.


At first you may think that this exercise does not apply to you (as I did). You probably do not believe that you, for some reason, gained this weight on purpose.

Most of us do not realize the wonderful benefits that we continue to receive from our overweight bodies.

Let’s explore some of the most common excuses that cause us to remain overweight. For the
next week, really pay attention to your fleeting thoughts and true, inner reactions to different
conversations and situations. You will probably find...



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