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Lara L.
Fitness Expert

New York City, NY

"Thimage is a key part of weight-loss. I went from a size 6 to a 4 in two weeks falling asleep to Thimage. I noticed it immediately had an effect on how I felt about myself and how I viewed my body. Instead of picking myself apart in the mirror at the gym, I noticed the parts of my body I liked, and I enjoyed working out more. I also noticed I just wanted to eat healthier. I was actually craving green drinks! When you have a thin inner image, you are just motivated to make the choices that support weight loss."

Lara before


Sarah C.
London, UK

"After working with Laurie and her process, my motivation to run/jog was grand.  The cellulite on my bum disappeared and my excess weight dropped quickly and easily...and I have kept it off! Thimage lessened my stress level and I believe that was key to the ease of dropping weight this time.  It really is all in the mind!" 


Sarah before

Joy Lynn
New York City, NY

"I was not looking to lose weight, but to flatten my tummy, tighten my body and add voluptiousness to my breasts and bottom.  The audio sessions truly marry the emotional to the physical and gave me an understanding of which  emotions I should let go of.  After allowing them out of my mind, I not only got a much more shapely body, but also a much heathier one."


Dena W
Sulphur, LA

"With Thimage, I've lost 20 pounds and have now kept it off for 10 years! I gained a cup size with my breasts, while losing everywere else -- now, that's a miracle!  I was so excited to be a part of the pilot program and highly recomment Thimage.  If it can work for me, I know it can work for you."







Dena before


Doreen S.
Hawthorne, NJ

"Weight loss does not have to be a battle.  You just have to know the true cause of the problem.  Thimage had me take a look at myself to see what was troubling me.  It then guided me to handle the situations in other ways besides hiding out....with food.  My aches and pains are gone and I'm happy to exercise.  I feel so much better and am three sizes smaller."

Doreen before

Hara V.
New York, NY

"After working with Thimage, I love my body!  I still use the techniques for self-healing and to make me feel peaceful."

Hara before


Margaret S.
Miami, FL

"I was wearing a snug size 12/14 when we began and now I am in a comfortable size 8.  I think that listening to the recordings daily before I went to sleep has reprogrammed my subconscious mind to make different choices.  I let go of the old beliefs about my body and now see myself as thin, sexy and fell more relaxed overall.  I sleep much better, have less stress, have no more emotional eating -- which seems like a miracle -- and my outlook is more positive.  I have also increased my self-care dramatically."

Margaret before

Denise K
Houston, TX

"Thimage had me take a look at my emotional eating.  I began dealing with stress and aggravation in other ways besides eating.  Doing the program, I was finally able to lose those last 11 pounds."

Denise before

Johanna W.
New York City, NY

"Keying into my personality type and understanding my eating tendencies made me able to change them.  The daily relaxation put me in a peaceful, inner-seeking place that had my body change."

Johanna before

Linda F.
New York City, NY

"I can't tell you how many diets I have been on throughout my life, with no success.  Thimage got to the root of the problem; to the cause of my weight gain.  After listening to the audio and following the workbook protocol, I lost 25 pounds easily."

Linda before

Kelli M.
Lake Charles, LA

"Thimage is easy.  You listen to the sessions, follow Laurie's instructions, then the weight simply comes off.  I lost 20 pounds!  Now that I feel better about myself and have a better outlook on life, EVERYTHING seems easier."

Kelli before

Four Participants from our LIVE Thimage Classes in Lake Charles, LA!

Thimage Summer Class Participant

Michelle M.
Lake Charles, LA  (16 years old)

"I didn't think I could stick to a weight loss program at all." Listening to Thimage had me change my eating and exercise habits completely. My school uniforms from last year fall off  me now!"






Michelle before



Kristi F.
Lake Charles, LA

Kristi before

"Although I was skeptical at first, my new positive attitude is what made all the difference for me to lose all the weight. As a bonus, Thimage and Laurie renewed my inner peace weekly. The program not only changed my body, but has also given me a happier life."

Cynthia T.
Lake Charles, LA

Cynthia before

"I stopped craving cake and have already lost
9 pounds.  I lost 3 inches from my thighs and 2 inches from my bottom."



Bryan G.
Lake Charles, LA

"I thought Thimage might be 'off the wall,' but it wasn't.  It motivated me to tone up and to stay away from sweets.  I lost 3 inches from my stomach in 8 weeks."







Bryan before

Gretchen K
Redondo Beach, CA

"I've lost 20 pounds with Thimage and have kept it off for 10 months.  I'm now ready to lose another 20.  The program really helped me take a hard look at myself and my life.  The weight loss came easily after that.  Doing Thimage helps me eat less and I feel calmer, which is the key to stopping over-eating."




Gretchen before


Frank B
New York, NY

"Before my body sculpting with Thimage, I was ashamed to have my photo taken even with clothes on...and now, it seems, I cannot keep my clothes on!"




Payton G
Lake Charles, LA

"I wanted to lose ten pounds for prom. Aunt Laurie taught me how with Thimage!  I enjoyed listening to the CDs.  Even though I reached my goal and fit into the dress, I continue to use the maintenance CD for inspiration."



Payton before






  Dave R
 Jersey City, NJ

"As a man, I tend to judge myself rather harshly.  Laurie's voice -- in fact, who she is -- is a source of peace and love, and self acceptance.  What was a lifetime of struggle is much easier with her help."


Dave before


Angel C.
New York City, NY

"As I listened to Thimage every night before going to sleep, I was able to let go of all of the 'drama' I had created in my life.  The program has made me more peaceful and enabled me to lose 35 pounds."




Angel before



New York City, NY

"I went from a size 14 to a size 6 in five months with Thimage.  It really is all mental!"

Kellie D
Santa Cruz, CA

 "I cannot believe how quickly I lost 12 pounds." 




 Kelli before


Margaret A.
New York City, NY

"With Thimage, I have learned to simply tell my body what to do and it responds.  Laurie's program makes it easy."

Margaret before


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